I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2009.

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2009. My problems are sleeping disorder, chronic fatigue, tinnitus, vision problems and dizziness. I was desperate to find a cure and was totally a mess. I have been seeing so many doctors and taken so many antibiotics without avail.

I met Jasmine in May 2010 and I have to say she is my life saver.  I improved tremendously after only three sessions.  The annoying ringing in my ear was totally gone after the first session and I can sleep through the night.

What I like the most is she is very patient and encouraging. She is one of the RARE healers who are trying to understand how patients feel and trying to find the root of the disease.  In the meantime, she helped me to change my diet and exercise routine which made a huge difference. Now I can wake up in the morning without using the alarm clock and I no long feel extremely exhausted and I am so happy that I can do exercise three times a week without falling apart.

I am grateful to be under the treatment of Jasmine and I learned so much that will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

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