Recommended Resources


Whole Health Dental Center

The Whole Health Dental Center is a general and family practice founded on a science-supported truth: the mouth is pivotal. Whole Health is natural health improvement from integrating mind and body with a Holistic Mouth. The Whole Health Dental Center’s mission is to help patients turn back illness and turn on wellness with Holistic Mouth solutions.


Center for Natural Cures

The Center for Natural Cures is headed by Dr. Sharon Fan, a China-trained physician and an US board certified naturopathic doctor, who has nearly 30 years’ experience in natural healing and medical research.  Dr. Fan is a drugless health practitioner who provides dietary and nutritional recommendations, detoxification, allergy elimination, and emotional healing to facilitate the process. She is a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Maryland and also a Yuen Method Certified Master Practitioner and Instructor.​​​​