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Healthy Chocolate Mousse

This dairy-free, sugar-free version of the classic dessert, made with pure raw, healthy ingredients, tastes great and can quench your craving for chocolate without the side effects. Use it as a snack, a spread,  for dipping or dessert. Suitable for

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Aged Garlic

This traditional Chinese medicinal food can be eaten raw, used for cooking and/or for healing. You can use it after aging it a few weeks, months or years. Traditionally, Chinese made it the 8th day of the last month of

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Raw Mushroom Miso Soup

This is a very quick and easy-to-make soup, with great texture and taste, made from raw or half-cooked ingredients, good for spring, summer and early fall. Drink lukewarm to warm. Ingredients 1 cup chopped fresh portabella mushroom* 1 avocado* 1/4

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The What, When and How of Weight Loss

WHAT Don’t eat the same things every day. The more varieties of food the better, because they all provide different types of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, etc. Eat a balanced diet with as many vegetables as

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