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Healthy Chocolate Mousse

This dairy-free, sugar-free version of the classic dessert, made with pure raw, healthy ingredients, tastes great and can quench your craving for chocolate without the side effects. Use it as a snack, a spread,  for dipping or dessert. Suitable for

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Aged Garlic

This traditional Chinese medicinal food can be eaten raw, used for cooking and/or for healing. You can use it after aging it a few weeks, months or years. Traditionally, Chinese made it the 8th day of the last month of

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Raw Mushroom Miso Soup

This is a very quick and easy-to-make soup, with great texture and taste, made from raw or half-cooked ingredients, good for spring, summer and early fall. Drink lukewarm to warm. Ingredients 1 cup chopped fresh portabella mushroom* 1 avocado* 1/4

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